Full Home Renovations

We can transform your house into the home of your dreams. No project is too big or too sophisticated for Kimber Construction, and we can bring all kinds of features together into a full home renovation. Whether you’re adding an additional wing, reshaping your existing layout or raising your home from the ground up, we are the professionals to entrust with your vision.

We can raise a home for you in the layout you want and install the features for the lifestyle you need. We’re experts at a wide range of styles, from ranch to modern, craftsman to southwestern, and many others. As your home develops, we work closely with you to make sure every piece is in place and looking the way you’d imagine.

We’re also experts at foundations and restorations. We handle sites from the first groundbreaking all the way to the last furnishing installment. We’ve also rebuilt sites as large as a major ranch.

Many people decide to invest in fixer-uppers.  These projects require complete renovations and good vision.  Kimber Construction has many years of experience investing and renovating home projects just like this.

Whatever you have in mind, we can get it into shape.

Renovations can start from the ground up.

Restructuring existing floor plans is an excellent way to create a space suited for your needs.

Redesigning kitchen space for a more modern look is an easy way to make a meaningful impact.

Updating living space can have a huge impact to any floor plan.